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1607 American Quotes

Picture Name Profession
Henry David Thoreau Author
Billy Graham Clergyman
Abraham Lincoln President
Thomas S. Monson Clergyman
Zig Ziglar Author
Alan Alda Actor
David A. Bednar Clergyman
John Wooden Coach
Mark Twain Author
Spencer W. Kimball Author
Helen Keller Author
D Todd Christofferson Lawyer
Bill Gates Businessman
Boyd K Packer Author
Elbert Hubbard Writer
Colin Powell Statesman
Joel Osteen Clergyman
Cher Musician
M. Russell Ballard Businessman
Henry Ford Businessman
William James Philosopher
Jim Rohn Businessman
Denis Waitley Writer
Bruce Lee Actor
Ralph Waldo Emerson Poet
Richard G. Scott Clergyman
Russell M Nelson Clergyman
Jeffrey R Holland Educator
James E. Faust Clergyman
L Tom Perry Businessman
Walt Disney Cartoonist
Ezra Taft Benson Leader
Benjamin Franklin Politician
Henry B. Eyring Leader
Napoleon Hill Writer
Robert D Hales Businessman
Gordon B. Hinckley Clergyman
Dale Carnegie Writer
Og Mandino Author
Neil L Andersen Clergyman
Quentin L Cook Lawyer
Dallin H Oaks Author
Leo Buscaglia Author
Robert Frost Poet
Calvin Coolidge President
A. R. Ammons Poet
Bryant H. McGill Author
Walt Whitman Poet
George Washington President
B. B. King Musician
Henry Miller Author
H. Jackson Brown, Jr. --
Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady
A. J. McLean Musician
Ernest Hemingway Novelist
A. Bartlett Giamatti Educator
B. F. Skinner Psychologist
Lynne Namka Psychologist
A. Philip Randolph Activist
Babe Ruth Athlete
Franklin D. Roosevelt President
A. J. Jacobs Journalist
Addison Mizner Architect
Neal A. Maxwell Clergyman
Bill Cosby Comedian
Christian Nestell Bovee Author
A. J. Liebling Journalist
Al Capp Cartoonist
Charles Kettering Inventor
Mae West Actress
Elyn Saks Educator
John W. Gardner Educator
Theodore Roosevelt President
Jim Morrison Musician
Al Bernstein Writer
Alan Ball Director
Bo Bennett Businessman
James Russell Lowell Poet
Robert H. Schuller Clergyman
Stephen Covey Businessman
William Arthur Ward --
Les Brown Businessman
Jim Elliot Clergyman
Norman Vincent Peale Clergyman
Kurt Vonnegut Author
Ronald Reagan President
Brigham Young Leader
Charles Kuralt Journalist
Frederick Douglass Author
Christopher Reeve Actor
Joseph Campbell Author
Charles Dudley Warner Journalist
Beck Musician
Robert Green Ingersoll Lawyer
Alan Lakein Businessman
Wayne Dyer Psychologist
Peter Drucker Businessman
Don Marquis Poet
Hubert H. Humphrey Politician
Archibald MacLeish Poet

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You give me hope in my times of trial, joy in my saddest hours and love in all I do.

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    - Dieter F Uchtdorf
  • God loves to help him who strives to help himself.

    - Aeschylus
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