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205 British Quotes

Picture Name Profession
Benjamin Disraeli Statesman
Bertrand Russell Philosopher
W. Somerset Maugham Playwright
Lord Byron Poet
Samuel Butler Poet
A. C. Benson Author
George Orwell Author
George Eliot Author
Jane Austen Writer
Arthur Conan Doyle Writer
Princess Diana Royalty
Queen Victoria Royalty
George Herbert Poet
Albert Finney Actor
Adam Clarke Theologian
E. F. L. Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax Statesman
John Donne --
Horatio Nelson Soldier
John Lubbock Statesman
Jason Jordan Athlete
Beatrice Webb Sociologist
Arthur Helps Historian
Arthur Balfour Statesman
Conrad Black Businessman
A. E. Waite Author
Charles Morgan Novelist
Jeanette Winterson Novelist
Graham Greene Playwright
Andrew Lansley Politician
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Actor
Jason Statham Actor
J. B. Priestley Writer
Charlotte Bronte Novelist
Arnold J. Toynbee Historian
Alastair Campbell Journalist
William E. Gladstone Leader
A. J. P. Taylor Historian
Ann Oakley Sociologist
Thomas Browne Scientist
Adam Ant Musician
John Polkinghorne Physicist
C. Northcote Parkinson Historian
F. H. Bradley Philosopher
Bernard Law Montgomery Soldier
Kate Adie Journalist
Owen Feltham --
Bear Grylls Explorer
David Cameron Politician
Anthony Hope Writer
Brian Eno Musician
Helen Mirren Actress
Arabella Weir Comedian
Bede Griffiths Clergyman
Norman Douglas Writer
Herbert Samuel Statesman
James Dyson Designer
Ben Elton Comedian
Anne Bronte Novelist
William Booth Leader
Adam Sedgwick Scientist
Lionel Blue Clergyman
Adam Rickitt Actor
Arthur Henderson Politician
David Ricardo Economist
T. E. Lawrence Soldier
Ralph Steadman Cartoonist
Alan Bleasdale Dramatist
Humphry Davy Scientist
Mary Wollstonecraft Writer
Alexei Sayle Comedian
Bob Hoskins Actor
Arthur Cayley Mathematician
Stephen Fry Comedian
Chris Patten Politician
James Allen Author
John Major Politician
Alex Cox Director
Anton du Beke Dancer
David Attenborough Journalist
George Michael Musician
B. H. Liddell Hart Historian
Alfred Russel Wallace Scientist
David Millar Athlete
Bernard Cornwell Novelist
Christopher Monckton Politician
David Blunkett Politician
Anna Jameson Writer
Christina Rossetti Poet
Charles Trevelyan Public Servant
Deborah Bull Dancer
Boris Johnson Politician
Paul Brunton Philosopher
Frederick William Faber Theologian
James Herriot Writer
Antony Gormley Artist
Malcolm Muggeridge Journalist
Julia Margaret Cameron Photographer
Gilbert Parker Politician
Billy Idol Musician
David Walliams Actor

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