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122 Canadian Quotes

Picture Name Profession
Robertson Davies Novelist
Agnes Macphail Politician
Shania Twain Musician
Robin S. Sharma --
Paul Martin Politician
Agnes Martin Artist
Daniel D. Palmer Celebrity
Hans Selye Scientist
Corey Hart Musician
Steven Cojocaru Critic
Eric Butterworth Educator
Chris Jericho Athlete
Atom Egoyan Director
Celine Dion Musician
Leah LaBelle Musician
Alan Thicke Actor
Jack Kent Cooke Businessman
Michael Ignatieff Politician
Albert Bandura Psychologist
Elvis Stojko Athlete
Kevin Patterson Writer
Jim Carrey Comedian
Gordie Howe Athlete
Alex Trebek Entertainer
Craig Bruce Businessman
Thomas Chandler Haliburton Author
Alanis Morissette Musician
Larry Wall Author
Raymond Hull --
John Strachan Clergyman
Elizabeth Arden Businesswoman
Elaine MacDonald Activist
Arthur Erickson Architect
Emmanuelle Chriqui Actress
Alden Nowlan Poet
Karen Kain Dancer
Molly Parker Actress
Lester B. Pearson Politician
Donald Sutherland Actor
Anna Paquin Actress
Charles Brenton Huggins Scientist
Brian Mulroney Statesman
Marshall McLuhan Sociologist
John Candy Comedian
Tommy Douglas Clergyman
Charles Inglis Clergyman
Caroline Rhea Comedian
Dan Aykroyd Comedian
Lucy Maud Montgomery Educator
Alex Campbell Politician
Alexander Mackenzie Statesman
John Kricfalusi Artist
James Naismith Inventor
Jean Chretien Statesman
Laurence J. Peter Writer
Guy Lafleur Athlete
Linda Evangelista Model
Mort Sahl Comedian
Douglas Coupland Author
K. D. Lang Musician
Malcolm Gladwell Author
John Ralston Saul Author
Stephen Leacock Economist
Grimes Musician
Pierre Trudeau Statesman
Bobby Clarke Artist
Alex Lifeson Musician
Emily Carr Artist
Mike Myers Comedian
Spider Robinson Writer
Mary Pickford Actress
T. Harv Eker Author
Drake Musician
Charles de Lint Writer
Neve Campbell Actress
Donal Logue Actor
Nina Dobrev Actress
Beau Mirchoff Actor
Avril Lavigne Musician
Jane Rule Author
Keanu Reeves Actor
Bobby Orr Athlete
Bruce Cockburn Musician
Jack Layton Politician
Mary Pierce Athlete
Paul Henderson Athlete
William Osler Scientist
Neil Peart Musician
Darren Flutie Athlete
Christopher Heyerdahl Actor
Alexander Ludwig Actor
Justin Bieber Musician
Charles Revson Businessman
Robert MacNeil Journalist
Gloria Reuben Actress
Sarah McLachlan Musician
Avan Jogia Actor
Adam Oates Athlete
Peter Jennings Journalist
William Shatner Actor

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You must learn from your past mistakes, but not lean on your past successes.

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    - Aeschylus
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    - A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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