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91 Scottish Quotes

Picture Name Profession
George MacDonald Novelist
Andrew Carnegie Businessman
Robert Louis Stevenson Writer
B. C. Forbes Journalist
Henry Drummond Writer
Samuel Smiles Author
William Barclay Theologian
Robert Dale Owen Politician
Alexander McCall Smith Writer
Adam Smith Economist
Alex Ferguson Coach
Alexander Graham Bell Inventor
Rod Stewart Musician
James Nasmyth Inventor
E. T. Bell Mathematician
Thomas Campbell Poet
Thomas Reid Philosopher
David Mallet Dramatist
Walter Scott Novelist
David Livingstone Explorer
Alan Cumming Actor
Alan Hansen Athlete
Hugh Blair Theologian
Oswald Chambers Theologian
Adam Ferguson Philosopher
Alex Kapranos Musician
Anne Grant Poet
John Boyd Orr Politician
David McCallum Actor
Al Stewart Musician
John Buchan Politician
Arthur Keith Scientist
Mary Garden Musician
Deborah Kerr Actress
William Drummond Poet
Sheena Easton Musician
Armando Iannucci Writer
Gilbert Highet Writer
Margaret Oliphant Novelist
Annie Lennox Musician
Ali Smith Writer
Andrew Lang Poet
Robert Carlyle Director
David Russell Musician
Norman McLaren Artist
Peter Capaldi Actor
David Tennant Actor
James C. Maxwell Mathematician
David Hume Philosopher
James G. Frazer Scientist
James Beattie Poet
Donald Cargill Clergyman
George Gillespie --
Robert Blair Poet
Thomas Carlyle Philosopher
James McAvoy Actor
Kirsty Gallacher Entertainer
Gail Porter Celebrity
Joanna Baillie --
R. D. Laing Psychologist
Frances Wright --
Robert W. Service Poet
Gerard Butler Actor
Robert Fortune Scientist
Eric Liddell Athlete
David Byrne Musician
Thomas Guthrie --
William Dunbar --
Alexander Smith Poet
Bill Shankly Athlete
Saint Patrick --
Karen Gillan Actress
Andy Murray Athlete
James Thomson Musician
Shirley Manson Musician
Sean Connery Actor
Robert Burns Poet
Steven Moffat Writer
Grant Morrison Writer
Andrea McLean Celebrity
Walter Elliot Politician
Emeli Sande Musician
Hugh Miller --
Peter Marshall Clergyman
Tobias Smollett --
Ashley Jensen Actress
Alexander Fleming Scientist
Samuel Rutherford --
Angus Young Musician
Robert Rainy Clergyman
Len G. Murray --

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Life isn

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