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115 Director Quotes

Picture Name Nationality
Alan Ball American
Dale G. Renlund American
Frank Capra --
Jennifer Lynch --
Wim Wenders German
Abbas Kiarostami Iranian
Julie Taymor --
Peter Jackson New Zealander
Chuck Jones American
Rouben Mamoulian Armenian
Atom Egoyan Canadian
Arne Glimcher --
Hayao Miyazaki Japanese
James Cameron --
George Hickenlooper --
Asghar Farhadi Iranian
Abel Ferrara American
Satyajit Ray Indian
Robert Carlyle Scottish
Lars von Trier Danish
Richard Eyre --
Ang Lee Chinese
Claude Chabrol French
Tarsem Singh Indian
Bruce Beresford Australian
Bill Condon American
Pedro Almodovar Spanish
Yash Chopra Indian
Alex Cox British
Alejandro Jodorowsky Chilean
John Lasseter --
Mike Leigh --
Charles Sturridge --
Andrew Stanton American
Alexander Kluge German
Dario Argento Italian
Park Chan-wook South Korean
Billy Wilder American
Oliver Stone --
Douglas Sirk German
Brett Ratner American
James Broughton --
Robert Wilson --
Luis Bunuel Spanish
Robert Conrad Polish
Alan J. Pakula American
Guy Ritchie --
Ava DuVernay American
Mira Nair Indian
Werner Herzog German
Anurag Kashyap Indian
Adrian Lyne English
Jason Silva --
Steven Spielberg --
Sydney Pollack --
Woody Allen American
Federico Fellini Italian
Akira Kurosawa Japanese
Robert Altman --
Krzysztof Kieslowski Polish
Alfonso Cuaron Mexican
Joel Coen --
Bryan Singer American
Eric Kripke --
Amy Heckerling American
Penelope Spheeris --
Andrzej Wajda Polish
Baz Luhrmann Australian
George Lucas --
Alexandra Kerry --
Tim Burton --
Mike Figgis --
Spike Jonze --
Jean Cocteau French
Alexander Payne American
Brian De Palma American
Laurieann Gibson --
Lee Strasberg --
Allan Carr American
William Friedkin --
David Lynch American
Stan Brakhage --
Sofia Coppola --
Jean-Luc Godard French
M. Night Shyamalan --
Rob Reiner --
Nick Park --
Roland Emmerich --
Steven Soderbergh --
J. J. Abrams --
Sacha Guitry French
Andrew Dominik --
Cameron Crowe American
Roman Polanski --
Stephen Sommers --
Francois Truffaut French
Robert Rodriguez --
Bruno Dumont --
Richard Donner --
Errol Morris --

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Love is when the other person

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