7 Quotes About the Dangers of Overeating

During these times that we are stuck at home we nothing can stop us from going to the fridge and having a bite at our favorite snacks. Our endless tasty food optiosn and wide availability of snacks you can easily grab makes it easy for us to overeat.


Overeating can lead to various negative health consequences such as gaining weight, having a lot of fat deposits, being prone to diseases, and many more.

Below are some of the quotes that define the dangers of overeating.

Often when a person can’t get past stress, she will turn to overeating, drinking or smoking, which can become a greater problem than the stress itself. -Marilu Henner

More men die from overeating than undernourishment. -Nachman of Breslov

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What’s the ultimate price I’ll pay if I don’t stop this indulgence now? By asking questions like this, they’ll associate pain to overeating, and their behavior will change immediately. -Tony Robbins

Overspending is as certain a part of the holiday season as overeating. But pushing away from both the table and the cash register at least a little bit sooner can make the post-holiday hangover hurt a little bit less. -Jeffrey Kluger

Regret leads to overeating and naps. -Mason Cooley

Only happy people have nightmares, from overeating. For those who live a nightmare reality, sleep is a black hole, lost in time, like death. -Guy Sajer

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No one is more sensitive to the issue of overeating than the creator of Stuart Smalley. -Al Franken

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