Inspirational Quotes

A Norwegian proverb; “do not look to the ground for your next step, greatness lies with those who look to the horizon!”. Inspiring isn’t it?

Sometimes, you hear a sentence from an elder during a conversation or while you’re walking in the street. Its not related to the age at all. Its mostly experience. Plus some observational skills.

You never know when you will need them. But, If you carefully listened and understood, there surely will be a time you will remember.

Inspirational quotes, you can read or deduct from a book or hear from someone, read a tweet about it or mostly these days; see an instagram post with a fancy background. Wherever you see or read one of them, If you stop and think for a while, they add value to you. They add motivation to you. They inspire you! Especially If you knew or heard the story behind those words or the person…


These quotes help self-help, self-motivation, insipration and much more. They sometimes help you to find the strength inside that you have forgotten.

For example; when you hear “you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” by C. S. Lewis, doesn’t it force you do something new or at least wake up tomorrow with a new dream you never tought before?

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