Love Quotes

Plato said once; “every heart sings a song incomplete until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always, find a song”. Nobody knows in what situation or when…

A feeling that you don’t know where it will come from or when. Frightening! Isn’t it?

Love itself and love quotes have been the most searched and the most talked topics of all the times without a debate. There are; melancholia, sadness, happiness, anger and many more feelings in it. Its a mix of positive and negative, black and white, sugar and salt. Some people call it bitter sweet…


Love quotes mostly reflects all these feelings and situations also. They start with a search and then end up with happiness. They summarize what you think you live with just a couple of words. Sometimes they give you the courage you need in unexpected situations.

Like all kind of other quotes, you don’t know when you will remember these. But surely the time will come. Wise words related to love and life makes you understand or approach it in a very different angle that you never ever tried before.

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