Quotes about recognizing the Value of Our Veterans

Few people make as many sacrifices for our country and our people as do veterans of war.

Nowadays, veterans represent every facet of American society. Men and women of every ethnic and economic background have chosen to represent our country in a brave and honorable fashion.

Despite this, the numbers do not lie. Veterans are, on the whole, more likely to be unemployed, have difficulty accessing healthcare, or have mental health issues.

Many of the problems faced by veterans are part of the cost of serving their country, but should it really be this way?

In ancient Rome and other societies, veterans were revered, and serving in the armed forces was a way to win freedom and climb the social ladder. Veterans could use their status to rise in society and take positions of public office.

One of the things that happens today is that we have a generation of veterans who perhaps face disillusionment upon returning to civilian society.

In many ways, the individualistic nature of most of the jobs that are out there go directly against the mantra of former soldiers. A soldier puts their team first, sacrificing their individuality for the common good, even if it means putting their lives at risk.

On the other hand, it seems today’s civilian society is built around hedonism, self-fulfillment, and selfishness.

It’s a pity, because time has shown that soldiers are able to accomplish incredible feats by working for a collective good and suppressing their egos. Think of the amazing accomplishments of American soldiers in places all over the world. The D-Day invasion of Normandy comes to mind, where our own soldiers overcame one of the most formidable defenses every conceived in order to liberate the world from Fascism.

These qualities are precisely the ones that our country needs right now. In a country that is crumbling due to diminishing values, poor leadership, and economic crisis, veterans represent a collective that knows how to overcome the most difficult moments by using the most basic human values of cooperation and teamwork.


If you are an employer, think about this when a veteran applies for a job. It’s not a question of charity, but rather recognizing that a person with such experience could be the foundation for values that can lift your business to the next level. Just imagine if all your employees had the ethic and spirit of a well-lead and inspired military unit. The world would be yours for the taking!

For the rest of us, the rights of veterans are something we need to keep in mind as we head to the ballot boxes. Whether or not you are for or against war or military interventions, remember that the vast majority of our military is made up of people who have noble intentions. A well-respected and recognized collective of veterans is the least we can aspire to in order to build up our nation.

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